We Are CFO.

CFO Accounts & Services deploys qualified accountants to provide Professional, Personalised & Prompt accounting services to serve your needs. Be it to meet submission requirements to authorities or to have reliable accounting reports to manage your business.

With a dedicated team to serve the needs of esteem clients from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Air-Conditioning, Automotive, Management Consultancy, Educational & Training, Food Industry, Freight Forwarders, Hardware, Interior Design, Insurance Agencies, Investment Holding, IT Industry, Manufacturing, Publishing, Restaurant, Wholesales & Trading Etc.

CFO Company’s Business And Service.
Core Business / Accounting And Business Law Consultation Service
Accounting Services: Audit and Assurance – ensuring that their client’s accounts and financial status or ledgers are up to date and kept transparent. These practises also follow a close set of laws and regulations by Singapore Government (bear in mind, their services WILL be relevant to Singapore but MIGHT NOT be relevant to other countries as laws differs) and compliance with Singapore’s laws.
Master Of Compliance / Advisor For Business Regulations And Start-up Laws And Compliance
Corporate Compliance advisor – assist new start-ups in company incorporation and compliance of these laws, providing accounting services and payroll, HR administrative etc.
Most Of Customer Looking For What Kind Of
Service From CFO?
Reliability, Resourcefulness, Integrity and Professionalism.
What is CFO Company’s Next stage?
To be a recognised brand in Best Accounting and Business Consultancy work for their client, working with them as a team to achieve their client’s growth target and business objectives.

To become a valued partner of our clients in providing professional accounting and business advisory services to their businesses.
We will achieve through our Commitment, Personal and Quality Service towards our clients.We will maintain high level of Professionalism through our Passion, Integrity, Teamwork and Continuous learning.

Your success is our business.
CFO Company’s values and Ethical Codes.
  • C Commitment
  • P Personal and Quality Service
  • P Professional
  • P Passion
  • I  Integrity
  • T Teamwork
  • C Continuos Learning