Singapore is a well reputable city for carrying out legitimate business, with a strong and well-executed Companies Act (Chapter 50) that require a newly formed company to (Under Section 171 of Singapore Companies Act Charter) appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months of its incorporation.

CFO Accounts & Services has the ability to offer a in-depth and comprehensive range of Corporate Secretarial Services that will help to ease your compliance needs.

Professional & Trust-worthy Company Secretarial Services That You Can Rely On Includes But Are Not Limited To The Following:
Mandatory Provision Of A Company Secretary As Required By The Singapore Companies Act
Provision Of Filing Services To ACRA For Annual Returns
Provision Of Nominee Director As And When Necessary
Provision Of A Registered Office Address For All Corporate Correspondence Matters

CFO Accounts & Services is committed to providing high quality corporate secretarial services for your compliance needs. We have a pool of qualified in-house company secretaries to handle your corporate secretarial matters, professionally and in confidence. We give you a peace of mind by ensuring compliance of statutory requirements. You can be assured that all your necessary returns are completed and lodged with ACRA on time.



Tax Filing is a complex and tedious process for SMEs and especially new business owners. In our highly globalized and greatly competitive business world where time is money, your resources should be focused on making more for your business.

At CFO Accounts & Services, we offer a board spectrum of Tax Services to companies and individuals. With our highly competent and up-to-date Tax Service team that is fully committed to help our clients effectively manage their tax matters, be it for personal or corporate; SMEs or MNCs alike.

A Fully Committed And Knowledgeable Team That You Can Leverage On For Our Tax Expertise Includes But Are Not Limited To The Following Services:
Corporate Tax Filing
GST Filing
Individual & Business Tax Filing

Let CFO Accounts & Services help you with the preparation and processing of your Tax Filing needs, accurately and promptly.



In a highly globalized and free market like Singapore, it is little wonder why Singapore is one of the top cities for businesses to thrive and is a vital stepping-stone for businesses to reach out to the Asia Pacific Region.

As an established corporate services firm, CFO Accounts & Services has helped countless companies in their incorporation and formation of new entities in Singapore, where the tight Government rules and regulations makes it one of the most viable business location. Whether if you have a fresh new business idea and is looking to bring your idea to life, or if you are an established brand name looking at your corporate expansion into Singapore market, CFO Accounts & Services have the right knowledge to meet your objectives with a smoother start.

A Cost-efficient Support With In-depth Knowledge For Your Business Start-up With Services Including But Are Not Limited To The Following:
Incorporation Of Company
General Business Consulting

With our highly diversified portfolio of clienteles from around the region, CFO Accounts & Services is your right partner to help you kick-start a smooth beginning for your company’s bright future. Our in-house team of creative resources can even help you to set-up your corporate identity, website development and assist in helping your brand and services find the right market positioning and approach to winning the Singapore Market.


For a hassle-free,
one-stop Accounting Consulting service.

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